In transcribing these records I have endeavoured to keep to the original text including the vagaries of 17th and 18th century spelling. The punctuation is very irregular and so I have in the main ignored it but have standardised the text of each entry in three parts. The first is a standardisation of the date given in day, month and year format. The text of the main event comprises the second part in which I have reproduced the names of the principle participants in capital letters, ending this part with a period. This separates the second from the third part which names the witnesses followed by the pagination. Some Volumes have been paginated twice and I have followed the superseding order. The sequence of numbers applies to double pages and so I have introduced the letter "a" after the number to indicate that this is a preceding page. So for example, page 120a, which has no number in the original, precedes page 120 in my transcription.

Particularly in some early entries, the text has faded and become illegible or very hard to read but I have made every effort to decipher as much as possible. The session clerks themselves have occasionally left blank spaces where names should have been written and in some cases I have been able to recover those using other sources, but any additions always appear in square brackets as do any necessary explanations which I have included.

To explain the inconsistencies in the chronological order of some entries, see the account in Rathven Births, 1750-1799, p.122a.

Finally to appreciate the costs to your forebears for documenting their records, please see the introduction in Portknockie Births, 1820-1854.

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