Chance Encounter
C. M. Flett
January 2020
Chance meeting with Bill Markwick, fellow patient at James Cook.

  • Twas on a cold crisp winter’s day,
  • To surgery we'd made our way,
  • There in the carpark we did spy,
  • A handsome pair, their car stood by.
  • “We ken these folk”, says Sheena to me,
  • Sandra and Bill, tis plain to see!
  • I’d not seen Bill since James Cook days,
  • “Hail-fellow-well-met!”, a timely phrase.

  • Time for a chat was far too short,
  • The nurse’s call caused its abort,
  • When Bill returned from his ordeal,
  • It was too late to hear his spiel.
  • It would be good to keep in touch,
  • Meet for a drink or even lunch?
  • Keep emails flowing to and fro,
  • Exchange what news there is to know.
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