W. N. Hodgson
  • Awarded the Military Cross in 1915. Killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, July 1st 1916
  • Written in June 1914

  • I saw you fooling often in the tents
  • With fair dishevelled hair and laughing lips,
  • And frolic elf lights in your careless eyes,
  • As who had never known the taste of tears
  • Or the world's sorrow. Then on the march one night,
  • Halted beneath the stars I heard the sound
  • Of talk and laughter, and glanced back to see
  • If you were there. But you stood far apart
  • And silent, bowed upon your rifle butt,
  • And gazed into the night as one who sees.
  • I marked the drooping lips and fathomless eyes
  • And knew you brooded on immortal things.
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