Two Voices
David Westcott Brown, (1892-1916)
  • Killed at the Battle of the Somme on the 14th of July 1916
  • Written in May 1916

  • The roads are all torn, but the sun's in the sky,
  • The houses are waste; but the day is all fair,
  • There s death in the air; and the larks are on high,
  • Though we die - ; It is spring-time, what do we care?
  • The Gardens are rank; but the grass is still green,
  • The orchards are shot-torn; There's bloom on the trees,
  • There s war all around; Yet is nature serene,
  • There s danger; we'll bear it, fanned by the breeze.
  • Some are wounded; they rest, and their glory is known,
  • Some are killed; there's peace for them under the sod,
  • Men s homes are in peril; their souls are their own,
  • The bullets are near us; not nearer than God.
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