England to her Sons
William Noel Hodgson
  • Killed at the Battle of the Somme, on the 1st of July 1916
  • Written in August 1914
  • Sons of mine, I hear you thrilling
  • To the trumpet call of war;
  • Gird ye then, I give you freely
  • As I gave your sires before,
  • All the noblest of the children I in love and anguish bore.
  • Free in service, wise in justice,
  • Fearing but dishonour's breath;
  • Steeled to suffer uncomplaining
  • Loss and failure, pain and death;
  • Strong in faith that sees the issue and in hope that triumpheth.
  • Go, and may the God of battles
  • You in His good guidance keep:
  • And if He in wisdom giveth
  • Unto His beloved sleep,
  • I accept it nothing asking, save a little space to weep.
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