Wilfred Owen, (1893-1918)
  • This poem shows the influence of Siegried Sassoon's 'The Death-Bed'.
  • Lt. Owen was awarded the Military Cross for "conspicuous gallantry" in October 1818.
    Written between January and March 1918.

  • His fingers wake, and flutter; up the bed.
  • His eyes come open with a pull of will,
  • Helped by the yellow mayflowers by his head.
  • The blind-cord drawls across the window sill...
  • What a smooth floor the ward has! What a rug!
  • Who is that talking somewhere out of sight?
  • Three flies are creeping round the shiny jug...
  • 'Nurse! Doctor! - 'Yes, all right, all right.'
  • But sudden evening blurs and fogs the air.
  • There seems no time to want a drink of water.
  • Nurse looks so far away. And here and there
  • Music and roses burst through crimson slaughter.
  • He can't remember where he saw blue sky...
  • The trench is narrower. Cold, he's cold; yet hot -
  • And there's no light to see the vouces by...
  • There is no time to ask...he knows not what.
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