Five generations from Sheena's mother, Ness

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George Black William Black
William Black (1811-1855) Isobel Smith
(C.1852-1931) Jane O'Connell James O'Connell
George Black (C.1833-1896) Mary Larkin
(1878-1956) Francis Walker James Walker
Ann Walker (1806-1885) Margaret Craib
(C.1854-1927) Margaret Neish John Neish
Agnes Black (1822-1886) Jane Horn
(1910-1996)   Joseph Stewart John Stewart
James Stewart (1822- ) Helen Reid
(1856- ) Janet Reid
Mary Jane Stewart (C.1824-C1860)  
(1873-1947) James Wilson Alex Wilson
Jane Wilson (1818-1861) Mary Durward
(1851-1898) Helen Mackay William Mackay
(C.1823-1901) Ann Scott