Five generations from Sheena's father, George

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William Cowie James Cowie
Alex Cowie,"Gullie" (C.1775-C.1845) Mary Thomson
(C.1825-1907) Helen Reaich William Reaich
Alex Cowie,"Gullie" (C.1789-1855) Helen Bruce
(1862-1931) James Cowie,"Dougal"  
Helen Cowie,"Dougal" (C.1794-C.1854)  
(C.1824-1905) Janet Cowie James Cowie
George Cowie,"Gullie" (C.1799-1874) Jean Clark
(1906-1961) Alex Reid,"Cairdie" Peter Reid,"Cairdie"
William Reid,"Cairdie" (1804-1878) Janet Reid
(1837-1897) Margaret Geddes  
Jessie Reid,"Cairdie" (? -C.1839)  
(1865-1947) George Bruce James Bruce
Margaret Bruce (1814-1898) Margaret Hay
(C.1840-1928) Janet Souter William Souter
(1813-1883) Isobel Hendry