Five generations back from Charles's father, Alex.

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George Flett,"Yankie" James Flett,"Yankie"
James Flett,"Yankie" (1816-1893) Barbara Smith
(1848-1884) Jane Flett William Flett
Alex Flett,"Yankie" (1819-1890) Catherine Smith
(1878-1933) Alex Campbell Alex Campbell
Ann Campbell (1824-1905) Helen Flett
(1850-1920) Ann McKenzie Alex McKenzie
Alex Flett,"Yankie" (1824-1896) Janet Clark
(1908-1970) John Flett James Flett
Alex Flett,"Sandy" (1822-1902) Janet Smith
(1853-1921) Margaret Campbell Alex Campbell,"Cambly"
Margaret Flett (1828-1857) Ann Reid
(1880-1963) Alex Flett,"Dodie" George Flett,"Dodie"
Margaret Flett,"Dodie" (1819-1895) Isabel Smith
(C.1854-1931) Jane Flett David Flett
(1824-1894) Margaret Smith