Five generations from Charles's mother, Roma

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William "Ratty" Mackay William Mackay "Valiant"
Charles Mackay (1822-1904) Mary Geddes
(C.1845-1872) Mary Murray Andrew Murray
Charles Mackay (1814-1887) Margaret Thomson
(1871-1917) James Robertson Unknown
Margaret Robertson Unknown
(C.1845-1924) Ann Smith,"Miss" John Smith,"Miss"
Roma Mackay (1817-1904) Mary Sutherland
(1910-1980) John McIntosh John McIntosh
George McIntosh (1797-1866) Jean Sinclair
(1837-1878) Jane Geddes John Geddes
Annie McIntosh (1797-1875) Margaret Reid
(1877-1918) George Gardiner George Gardiner
Margaret Gardiner (1808-1886) Jane Hay
(1839-1925) Margaret Hay James Hay
(1809-1896) Elspet Runcie